Acting according to the "Human First" principle with all the steps of our activities, we guarantee;

Not to use child labour,

Not to use forced or unwilling labour,

To ensure a healthy and a safe work environment that provides periodical trainings and responsible management for health and security conditions.

To protect the right to establish / participate trade unions and collective bargaining ,

To prohibit any types of discrimination and harassment,

To prohibit any physcial punishment, mental or physcial force and verbal abuse on diciplinary practices,

To follow legal regulations for determining working hours and volunteerism on overwork,

That the remunaration policies to be in line with minimum living standard, to explain deductions completely and not to use as punishment,

That the management system includes records for a company-wide policy on social accountability that embrace SA8000 standard and every facts of national laws, commissioning management officials, controls of subcontactors, continuous practices and corrective precautions,

To follow national and other valid laws and other accepted requirements of the company and to respect international documents and their translations,

To review this policy regularly to continuously improve considering the changes on regulations, our own ethics rules and any other company requirements,

To ensure this policy is effectively documented, applied, sustained, forwarded with an understandable format and it is accessable to top management, consultants, directors, group leaders, administrative staff including employee, covenanted employee or all personnel that represent the company in any way,

To ensure this policy is accessable to related parties in an effective format when it is required.

Please do not hesitate to send your notifications, questions and opinions on these topics to address.

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