In our employee recruitment process, the criteria for our selections will be the required skills and qualifications for the position being mentioned.

Only the ones that have the required qualifications will be considered as candidates.

A candidate will be selected for the position, not the opposite. Thus, will help us to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction by recruiting the right candidate to the open position in our company

We know that the most valuable assets that our company possesses are our employees. We will implement a training and incitement system that will help our employees to develop themselves continuously. These activities will be done under the philosophy of "Total Quality Management".

We will create a working environment in which, everybody will respect each other and will be encouraged for creativity and leadership. "Self-confidence, Discipline and Participation" will be the building blocks of our system.

A modern, secure, tidy and clean working environment, which represents all the qualities to be expected from such an environment, will be provided to our employees.

We will help and encourage our employees, such that every one of them should become an expert in their area of specialization and thus,

We will increase the "Value of Our Company".