Since 1959, Tekno is committed to be a respected and valued manufacturer of rubber parts and providing our customers with superior quality products and innovative solutions, which are produced under the brand name "Doğan Lastik". After the restructuring of our company in 2001, to respond to our customer's expectations better, we have chosen some areas to specialize in. This way we can provide our worldwide customers with the best products and services possible, with the supplying of the right products at the right time.

While doing this we seek that everyone who's involved in our system are participating in our cycles and are satisfied with the things that they get.

Our Specialization Areas

  • ,providesRubber diaphragms for air brake chambers
  • Rubber parts for washing machines, especially bellows and/or door gaskets
  • Rubber grommets for automotive wiring systems
  • Rubber-metal antivibration parts

In doing these, the most important factor for us is that all people who participate in our manufacturing cycle including shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers should participate and feel satisfied.

Our mixture preparation division has over 300 different recipes of natural and synthetic rubber, new and revised machinery and our experienced and target-oriented employees are all part of the Doğan Lastik family, which provide us with a competitive advantage in our sector.

Our Machinery Inventory

  • +40 rubber injection presses (250 - 800 t)
  • +20 rubber compression presses (250 - 1000 t)
  • Various laboratory and testing equipments
  • Shock and Vibration Test Center

Our Workforce